Homeschool Classes

Fridays during the 2022-23 school year

Fall semester: Sep 2 - Dec 16
Spring semester: Jan 6 - May 19

Mid-week classes can also be opened up if there is sufficient interest. Please email me at if you are interested in a midweek homeschool class or individual lessons.

Homeschool beginning string class

Beginning Strings

Violin • Viola • Cello • Bass

Fridays 9-10 AM

Students will learn the basics of caring for their instrument, proper playing position, reading music, playing the D Major, G Major and C Major one octave scales and arpeggios. They will learn to play many beginning level songs. Sound Innovations Book 1 is the method book to be completed the first year. Last year the faster students even went through book two in one year!

Intermediate Strings

Violin • Viola • Cello • Bass

Fridays 10-11 AM

Students will review and continue to learn more scales and playing techniques. They will increase their music reading skills and play more challenging songs. Sound Innovations Book 2 is the method book to be completed the second year. Depending on the class we can expand into learning pieces with multiple parts.

Homeschool intermediate string class
Homeschool piano class

Piano for 6th-12th Graders

Fridays 11 AM - 12 PM​

This class will be flexible and personalized depending on who enrolls. Students will be exposed to songs, ear training, music theory, sight reading, and piano technique, and more!


For violin, viola, cello, or bass you will need a complete instrument outfit. This includes the instrument, shoulder rest (for violin and viola), bow, rosin, and case. Students should also have a stand for practicing. The Manhasset stands are the absolute best for the long-term (will last the rest of their life!) but fold-up stands are okay too. The music should be at eye-level for practicing.

Piano students need a piano to practice on. An acoustic or digital is fine. The keys on a digital should be the same size as a regular piano.

Where do I get my instrument?

Here is a list for where to look for rentals. Most places have a rental to purchase plan. They are there to help you through the year if you have any difficulty with the instrument. I highly suggest renting or renting to purchase over just buying a cheaper instrument online where you might have quality issues and no help after purchase.

What is the cost?

The shorter fall semester is $450 or $125 per month for four months

The longer spring semester is $575 or $125 per month for five months

You can also pay in full for the entire 2022-23 school year for a savings of $225. 

Email me at if you have any questions!