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The reviews are in! What students and parents say about music lessons with me…

Lois is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had. I have been taking music lessons since I was at least 7 or 8 years old. I have a degree in music (vocals and business) and decided that I really wanted to continue my education and develop my skills with piano as an adult. Lois first taught my daughter at her school and as I listened I realized there was something amazing about how she taught. Ways I had never experienced before. If you are thinking of lessons for yourself or your kids, look no further. She has incredible skills and patience.

Lois is amazing! Our daughter had been asking if she could start playing the violin. When we met Lois we knew immediately that we wanted her to teach our daughter. She is so good at what she does! She relates to the kids and they just love her. After just one lesson, our daughter could play songs and knew so much about the violin. If you have the opportunity to meet Lois and take lessons, please do!!! Thank you Lois for being such a blessing!!!

My son took violin lessons from Lois all through middle school and into high school. We had a wonderful experience with Lois and highly recommend her! She is patient, but also encouraged him to go out of his comfort zone. Lois is very effective at a variety of teaching styles/books. Our family always enjoyed the concerts with all of her talented students!

.... All I can add is that Lois is a master teacher, every student would be honored to learn from her.

Thank you Lois, we love the job you are doing at CSE and hearing you play as the kids come into school is a highlight of my week.... : )

I found Lois to be a very knowledgeable and kind teacher. She can help you master the violin

Lois is a lovely person and caring teacher. She would be a super match for most any student!

Mrs. Owsley is an amazing teacher. I took violin lessons from her for 9 years, starting out in a large group of elementary age kids, then taking private lessons through middle and high school. As a young student, I could easily understand the lessons and was motivated to practice. The lessons were really fun and something I looked forward to each week. As I got older, Mrs. Owsley prepared me to meet different teachers and work with other musicians. She supported me when I started up my teaching business, and also encouraged me to learn from others. I felt more than adequately prepared to enter college as a violin performance major this year. She is a patient teacher with a lot of experience. She is capable of teaching any age group. I highly recommend her. Thank you Mrs. Owsley for everything you have taught me!! I am still learning from you!!

Dear Mrs. Owsley, What a joy you’ve been in our lives since you’ve begun teaching LilyGrace violin. Through you she’s come a long way. Thank you for spurring her on especially when she’s lacking her own motivation. She was able to find a new excitement for the violin last week when she brought her violin with her to our caroling outing. With only moments notice she played for the nursing home residents and did beautifully. She also found it so much fun to pick it up at home and entertain our guests after dinner. We are not positive how long she’ll stick with violin, but the journey so far has been fruitful in many ways. We appreciate you and pray your Christmas and time off be blessed.

Thank you so much for all you do for Ethan and your orchestra students! The concert was wonderful. It's so much fun to hear them all together like that . Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Merry Christmas! Thank you for being the best orchestra teacher!

Last night's concert was fantastic! I loved the addition of your private students and Alphonsus was a lovely accompaniment to the orchestra....We wish you a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all that you do for the students, I often hear the kids talk about how much they enjoy learning from you and after hearing the concert last night, they sure are learning a lot!!

Thank you so much. You are awesome and have taught me so much.

We are sad to have Ellaina's time end with you. Thanks so much for all you have taught her...... Please keep in touch. We love you!

Hi Ms. Owsley, …Ella seems to be doing well wth her home practicing. I love listening to her play. She really enjoys orchestra so thank you very much for all your hard work. Thanks again, Kate Battin, mom of student 

August 2017…thank you for ALL you have done for Kalcee. She has decided to switch to choir at school but thanks to you found happiness in learning the viola the last year. Thank you again!! … Stacey Souders, mom of student 

… We are so thankful for your ministry to our son through music! Emily VandeWalker, mom of student 

Dec 5, 2016 
Hi-Thank you so much for your hard work to make our concert a success! I had so much fun and really, really appreciate everything you put in to make it possible!…Again, thank you so much for everything- I feel that I have gained a lot as a musician through lessons with you as well as had a great time at the concert! Kiaya Johnston, high school student 

Nov 22, 2016 
Thank you for having Gianna on Monday and your kind offer, Ms. Owsley. She loved that and got excited when I told her you praised her and invited to come again to intermediate practices. Gianna gives concerts to her Ukrainian grandparents via SKYPE…They are so happy Gianna is interested in playing such a beautiful instrument as violin. You are a great teacher! 
Thank you very much, Olga Mannino, parent 

Nov 12, 2016 
It would not be done without YOUR hard work with our children, Ms. Owsley! Thank you very much! Olga Mannino 

Nov 12, 2016  
Thank you for your time and energy teaching the children music!!!! Regards, Derek Henry, parent 

Thank you for your efforts and instruction. My son Drew seems to be really enjoying this and that makes me a happy Dad! In my opinion our students need a lot more “arts” in their education so thank you! Regards Derek Henry, parent 

July 9, 2016 Schneider Wedding 
“…We are so thankful for you and how much your playing aded to the day!!! Thank you so much….” Beth Schneider, mother of the bride 

Jan 13, 2016 
Thank you it was a pleasure meeting you as well and am super happy that you are able to help karla with her violin she was really exited and practices some more at home she’s really happy thank you!! Lupe Vasquez, parent 

10-28-15 Dear Lois, I really enjoyed your class and your sweet spirit and patience with the kids. I can see why you can get so much done. 🙂 
Have a blessed day. Bridgette Ralph 

10-22-15 Mary Cooper wrote: 
Thank you for being so wonderful to Ellie. Her love for playing keeps growing because of you!! 

9-28-15 We had a great time (at the Vivaldi Concert). You play beautifully and we were blessed by it. Scott’s sister gave us a cassette along time ago of the four seasons done by the St. Paul chamber orchestra before she died and we have that piece almost memorized. You play with great expression, thanks for sharing your gift. Scott and Roxi, friends 

8-26-15 HI Mrs. Owsley, Yesterday’s concert was great. I think they all did great, especially for those who had never played together but somehow pulled off pretty well. All students performance is a proof of how good a teacher you are!. Nori Schakel, parent 

8-13-15 I have to tell you I’m impressed at the end of lessons each week with how good you are with Beckett. He’s a high energy boy and really struggled with his last teacher but he does great with you. It’s been a good switch and he seems to really enjoy the cello. Teresa Layton, parent 

5-1-15 The pictures I got weren’t the best so if you have a better one I would love it too! It was a beautiful recital, thanks for being such a great teacher! Tina Vernon, parent and music teacher 

4-27-15 Mrs. Owsley, The concert was great, so impressed with all students for what they can do. Thank you for teaching them so diligently! Nori Schakel, parent 

4-27-15 Lois, Thank you for all the work you put into the recital the girls were very excited to be a part of it! Thank you! Sincerely, Beth Schinkel, parent 

4-25-15 We are blessed to be in your tutelage. You are loved. Sleep well, Kerry (adult student) 

4-25-15 Anne Marie Whitaker wrote: 
It was a wonderful afternoon. Definitely the best recital yet! Thanks for all your hard work! Anne Marie 

April 27, 2015  
Lois, Thank you for all the work you put into the recital the girls were very excited to be a part of it! 
Thank you!  
Sincerely, Beth Schinkel (Mom) 

April 27, 2015 
Mrs. Owsley, 
The concert was great, so impressed with all students for what they can do. Thank you for teaching them so diligently! 
Nori Schakel (Mom) 

December 20-2014 “Touching children, changing their future. Thank you very much, Ms. Owsley. You changed my life.” 🙂 Matthew Ignacio  

December 19, 2014 “Greg leaned over during the program and said this is the best thing we’ve every done for Nik. He loves you and was thrilled about today though he may not show you. Thank you for being a gift to our family and especially Nik during this season of your life.” Emily VandeWalker  

August 12, 2014 
Thank you for teaching Josiah!!! I love hearing him play. At this moment, he is playing Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. It’s flooding our home with praise! Julia Cvar, mom 

May 2014 
Dear Mrs. Owsley, Thank you for being my music teacher. You have taught Josiah and I so much in string orchestra. I am sorry that this past semester is our last one. It is so fun learning with you. I will practice all that you have taught me, even though we can not be here in future sessions. I hope you are doing well. Thank you again! God bless! Jordan Cvar violin student 

Mar 10, 2014 Ms. Owsley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My Goodness! I cannot believe it’s you! It was a long time ago, but yet, seems like yesterday—such great, great memories! I also still have the sheet music for Beat It in my files J What an inspiration you were to me when you entered that gym and played all those instruments. I knew then and there I wanted to play. I always think of you fondly when I see my viola and see my sheet music from then. I never had a better instructor thank you! You really were amazing to us and I thank you! It took me on some of the most amazing journeys I have had and you gave me a life filled with music that I love! Thank you so very much! I love that you are still playing! And, you still look amazing. Michelle Armstrong Posas, former viola student from 1980’s!!! 

12-11-13 Lois, Thank you so much for being a wonderful viola teacher for Hannah. I appreciate all you have done for her. Your influence in her life is a sweet gift that she will always benefit from and get to keep! Sincerely, Majel Martin (grandmother) 

12-11-13 Hi Lois- That was a very nice concert indeed! Thank you so much. Your string orchestra was amazing. 
I am always surprised to hear that Hannah is the student that has studied with you the longest. I usually feel a little embarrassed that we are probably disappointingly uneven- taking summers off, and this whole semester has been an example of how things (like private viola lessons) don’t get the attention they should when it gets too hectic around here for me. But apparently in some weird way Hannah has been consistent in her study with you. I am so glad she had the opportunity. Kate, mom of viola student 

Dec 10, 2013 We thank you…what a GREAT recital. The kids were awesome. Brendan came home and played the keyboard for awhile!!! He loves that song! Thanks for all you did this summer and this semester to instill such love for playing! 
See you Thursday. Anne Marie, mom of piano student 

Dec 10, 2013 The string orchestra sounded SO good. Actually it all did. You can be very proud of YOUR achievement today! Sara Bennett, mom of violin student 

Dec 8, 2013 Thanks, Ms. Owsley. My love affair with the cello started at Ross Academy, and you’re my first cello teacher. I smile and thank God for you every time I drive by Ross. What other profession offers one the satisfaction of knowing you have lit a musical spark in one heart of the next generation and the fire will burn long after you’ve gone? Music teachers, I believe are the most important members of our society because their professional efforts affect the future of the world. Let us think of music education as the means of changing our world. Learning to play the cello well requires long hours, patience, and passion. Exactly the kind of virtues that will promote success in medical school. 
Matthew Ignacio, cello student 

May 2011 Hi Lois, I didn’t get to see you after Saturday’s graduation ceremony, so I am thanking you now for the part you played in making it such a sweet experience for our family. The orchestra did a fine job with Pomp and Circumstance. Please understand that I played the violin throughout my school years, so I know how hard it is to get a good sound from young students. Well done! As a fellow teacher, please know that I fully appreciate what you are doing. Thanks again, Nancy Eason, teacher at Olive Tree 

October 2010 Dear Lois, Thanks also for your excellent work as our concertmaster this fall — and CONGRATULATIONS on yesterday’s solo performance! I have so much enjoyed working with you as our concertmaster and soloist and want to thank you again for giving so generously of your talent to the Health & Wellness Orchestra! Best wishes, Leslie, Conductor of Health and Wellness Orchestra, Fort Collins, Colorado 

9-3-09 This is FANTASTIC!! I really appreciate getting the lowdown on what’s been covered or will be covered in the classes at Olive Tree. I know that the music class was Taylor’s highlight and she really enjoyed trying out the violin and having a “quartet” going. 
Many thanks for the details,
 Stacy Slinkard, Olive Tree mom 

10-2-06 Hi Lois, I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you so much for your patience in allowing Daniel to see and play your violin. He loves the experience so much that he talks about it during the week. He finds anything that is straight like your bow and pretends to play the violin. You are so sweet to allow him the experience of actually playing it. Please do not feel as though you have to do this every week though. It is OK to tell him no some weeks:) Thank you for your sweet spirit with all of the children in our congregation. Jodene Smith, mom of a preschool child 
P.S. – Thank you for all the time you do spend with Daniel. He is just crazy about music. Some kids spend hours playing with their cars and toys. He spends hours singing and playing his guitar and his “violin.” 

8-12-08 Dear Lois: Thanks for being a great string mentor to the kids and I over the years here at Mayfair. I wish you continued success in your music endeavors and hope you can find a string heavy school to latch onto when you move. If you ever need any band advice, call or email. 
Thanks for everything. You made a bigger impression on me than you will ever know. “Music of the Night” still brings chills to me. 
Talk to you soon…thanks for coming in and helping out. You are a wonderful soloist and a patient teacher. All the best, 
Tom Philips Band and Orchestra Teacher at Mayfair HS in Lakewood California 

11/14/06 Lois, I just want the kids and you and Joanna to know how much I appreciate your hard work. The group sounds good (to my admittedly untrained ears), but they seem to work well together, and were concentrating and paying attention. Cheryl Bodger, Principal 

12-01-06 Lois, Thank you so much for your wonderful effort. The orchestra was great!  
Two things about the orchestra: 
1) Last night my brain was focused on one piece of music. SCOOBY DOO! How crazy is that? I couldn’t get it out of my head. 
2) I told our drama teacher that (even though the numbers are down) the orchestra is ahead two months from last year’s orchestra. AND you started two weeks later. 
When the orchestra improved so much from December to February, that is when I brought in Michael to help sustain their growth. I could only take the kids so far. That is why you are a God-send to us. Thank you for all your hard work and the great job yesterday with the orchestra. 
Sincerely, Jimmy Brink, Music Director at Ross Middle School 

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